About Forging Reach

Technically, I began forging with Halo 3, but I only put together one map. It was a sort of disappointing experience, due to the limited editing capabilities. I simply don't have the patience for the Halo 3 forging tools.When Reach came out, the first thing I focused on was forging. The first map I made was Mutiny, the prototype for Flight Deck. But it wasn't until I grappled with the spawning problems I encountered with Twin Fields that I decided I had to take a break and study the subject of spawning.

I learned that what was being floated within the community was incorrect. But it wasn't until JonnyOThan began to answer my questions that I began to see what was correct. Everything he said about it proved to be true practically every time. When I found what looked like behavior that deviated from his model, he pointed me to the death influencer. I went back, reviewed the film, and as expected, he was correct. Again. And when he was mistaken, he helped me hunt down and characterize what appeared to be a bug in the game engine.

As a member of Forge Hub, I felt armed with knowledge and began to answer people's questions about spawning, trying to steer people in the correct direction, so that what they saw happen actually made sense to them. Eventually, I found myself answering a question with such a lengthy and detailed reply that I realized I could make a blog at Forge Hub out of it - and I did. Then I got more interested in expanding what I knew about spawning, from zones to points, and now to Invasion game spawn setup. I wrote several more blogs at Forge Hub on these topics, with the intent of making a comprehensive collection of articles on spawning.

Eventually, I decided there were others outside of Forge Hub who might like to read my articles, and so Forging Reach was born. I moved the articles I wrote on Forge Hub to Forging Reach, and now I only maintain the Forging Reach site.

Now that Halo 4 has come out, I will not be playing Halo Reach ever again (that is the way I am, I just don't like playing in the past). So I have begun to put together a blog to present articles I may write on forging for Halo 4. I have noticed a significant volume of traffic coming to this blog site in search of Halo 4 spawning information, because that is how the search engines function. I recommend Forging Halo 4 for anyone looking for information on spawning for Halo 4. The blog points to official information from 343 Industries and CertainAffinity, but also presents information not published by the game publishers.

The graphic banner at the top of the page is a screen shot of the interior of the Elite Hall in the Invasion case study map, Affirmation. I use it, because I think it looks awesome, but it is also the first real attempt on my part of forging the Forge World palette rather than an illusion.


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